Installation of fire and security systems


In organizations, whether offices, ships, large companies or SME’s, we face daily risks of greater or lesser magnitude.

IGP CONTROL, in the vast majority of cases, applies standardized solutions, which allow us to offer more adjusted prices and according to the possibilities of our customers through alarm installations, closed circuit television, access control and detection / extinction.

Fire protection is the only way to minimize fire damage, whether material, or more serious, personal injury or loss of life, as well as the continuity of critical services.

IGP CONTROL considers that an adequate installation and periodic maintenance of state-of-the-art fire or gas detection systems, an extinguishing by means of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants or sprinklers, adequate compartmentalisation through fire doors and flame retardants, and Correct emergency signage, not only can avoid unnecessary damage, but are always a profitable investment.